.utc files are files that dictate the properties of NPCs (including party members). Extracted from or viewed in KotOR Tool, they have 10 tabs - Basic, Statistics, Skills, Advanced, Feats, Force Powers, Class, Special Abilities, Scripts, and Comments, with the Inventory menu available at the bottom.

Basic tab

A typical Basic tab.

The Basic tab lists the name of the character, its tag (which is used to identify it in scripts), its race (the only visible races here are "droid" and "human"), its appearance, its phenotype (this does not seem to have any effect), its gender, its description (this seems to be left blank in all cases), its portrait (only used for party members - this is what the player sees when selecting their party), its body bag (the container holding loot upon the character's death), and its standard conversation dialogue.


A typical Statistics tab.

The Statistics tab lists the attributes (Strength, Dexterity etc.), saving throws, hit points and movement rate (speed) of the character.


A typical Skills tab.

The Skills tab simply lists the skill levels of the character (Computer Use, Demolitions etc.).


A typical Advanced tab.

The Advanced tab shows the character's template, its special characteristics (being the player, having a minimum of 1 HP (certain scenes require this) etc.), its subrace (the race the character actually is), its soundset, its faction, and its perception range (how far it can see).


A typical Feats tab.

The Feats tab simply shows all the feats the character has.

Force Powers

A typical Force Powers tab.

The Force Powers tab simply shows all the Force powers the character has, as well as their Force Points.


A typical Class tab.

The Class tab shows the character's alignment, class and level.

Spec Abilities

The Special Abilities tab.

The Special Abilities tab is not used - it is left over from NeverWinter Nights.


A typical Scripts tab.

The Scripts tab lists the various unchangeable scripts that must be run by the character.

The Comments tab is usually left blank - it is only for other developers and modders.