DeNCS is a Java-based program used to decompile and edit compiled scripts in TSL; it is found at Star Wars Knights.

Decompiled TSL script

A decompiled script.

As it was developed for The Sith Lords Restoration Project (TSLRP), compatibility with KotOR scripts is not guaranteed, thus using it to edit them is not advised (though I (Mandalore) have not encountered any problems).

When decompiling scripts, "byte code mismatch" errors can be encountered - it is not known why these occur, but when they do, the standard byte code and decompiled byte code will be displayed, so the user can see the differences (however, I have noticed that these tend to occur more often in KotOR scripts - though this should not be considered clear evidence upon which to base a conclusion).

Byte code mismatch

An example of a byte code mismatch.